Aangan Episode 6 Review: The Dynamics of a Family!


Since all the major characters have now made an appearance, the story of Aangan is now focused on the family dynamics and the development of each character.

Last time we saw that Tehmina and Safdar have feelings for each other but they both fear Tehmina’s mom (Madiha Rizvi) who keeps blaming Safdar for all the bad things that have happened to this family.

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Even though Mazhar is a government employee but he hates the Britishers. On the other hand, his wife is very obsessed with the English traditions and forces Mazhar to get Aaliya enrolled in a missionary school but he’s reluctant to do that.

Tehmina suggests that the tension between her mother and Safdar can be diluted if he can get her little sister admitted to the school.

Although, Aaliya gets admission at a nearby school, it further intensifies the situation as Mazhar’s wife keep arguing that her husband prioritizes his nephew’s opinion more.

Ahsan Khan, Hira Mani, Mawra Hocane, Madiha Rizvi and Omair Rana, all did a phenomenal job to portray the family dynamics. The interaction focuses on the kind of relationship they have with each other.

Ahsan Khan and Hira Mani are a potential new favorite on-screen couple and they share irresistible chemistry that keeps you hooked to the screens!

During the episode, Mazhar overhears Safdar and Tehmina expressing their feelings. He is a sensible man and unlike his father, he decides to talk to his daughter. Mazhar reveals that even he wishes to see them both get married but considering the nature of his wife, it will be a bit tough. He also requests Tehmina to stop meeting Safdar in the night meanwhile.

This father-daughter scene was really emotional and the way Mazhar mentioned Salma proves that he doesn’t want the history to repeat itself!

The scenes with Jameel (Ahad Raza Mir) and Chammi (Sajal Aly) were once again exceptional. It feels like Chammi is seriously in love with Jameel as it was evident from the tears in her eyes after listening to his poetry.

Jameel is so focused to make his career and he’s becoming a Muslim League loyalist while his father is a strict Congressman. Let’s see how this will affect their already complicated relationship but the promo for the next episode shows that it will be worth waiting for!

Watch the promo for the next episode below!

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