Abbas Hasan Walks White Carpet as Ambassador of PAIFMA in China


French pop star Abbas Hasan has been assigned as the official ambassador for the Pan-Asian International Film and Music Awards Academy (PAIFMA) in China.

At a PAIFMA event in Shanghai, the pop sensation became a showstopper on the white carpet with won the hearts of the audience with his signature rockstar style. The artist also shared a snap on his social media with the following caption: “Thank you to the Pan-Asian International Film & Music Awards Academy (PAIFMA) for recognising my work & celebrating the arts in the way that only you can do. So honoured to be working with you. China was amazing. Bring on LA!

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The prestigious PAIFMA academy met in Shanghai, China, to discuss the upcoming awards ceremony that will be inaugurated in London next year. About his associating with PAIFMA, Abbas Hasan says: “Cinema and art have no boundaries, and we as artists operate as a gypsy in a universe of ideas where borders don’t exist. I am honoured to be associated with PAIFMA for their vision which is all about using the arts to promote peace, harmony and artistic excellence.”

The inaugural Pan-Asian International Film and Music Awards are due to be held next year in London. They will be uniting not only icons of Indian and Pakistani cinema but also of the fields of music and fashion from across Asia and even Europe and North America. The awards were envisioned as a highly prestigious platform to internationally recognise and celebrate the common cultural thread that exists beyond the national boundaries and within the hearts and minds of people across Asia.

The team behind the awards believe that the films, the stories, the cultural art forms and the artists themselves are something to be celebrated beyond national boundaries and to be cherished and adored by people around the world.

About Abbas Hasan

Born in Canada and raised in Paris, France, the young star has been causing a stir across the international stage and is also the brand ambassador for the New York-based luxury watch and lifestyle company Nooka. After performing at Priyanka Chopra’s Bollywood film premiere in London and doing an advert with Shahrukh Khan, Abbas Hasan caught the attention of the Times of India group.

He was selected as the only international artist to perform at the Times of India Film Awards (TOIFA’s) in Vancouver, which was the largest Bollywood film awards show in history. Subsequently, the multilingual star toured Europe alongside Bollywood songstress Shreya Ghoshal, and his recent video “Away” starring Humaima Malick received international acclaim through press from India to Canada. The song is produced by his mentor Rishi Rich, best known for his work with artists including Jay Sean and Britney Spears.

Abbas is already rumoured to be working on further Bollywood related projects, after starring in a previous Indian film with a Filmfare award-winning director. After multiple chart-topping singles, a film career in the works and an ever-growing global fan following, the press are already hailing Abbas Hasan as the next big thing, to which Abbas replies “it’s flattering and I think every artist has their own soul and their own journey. For me it’s all about creating art and taking on projects that inspire me.”

Named “the next big thing” by MTV India and HELLO! Magazine, Abbas Hasan is best known as the French heartthrob of the Asian music scene. Winner of 2015’s prestigious “ARTIST OF THE YEAR” award in Canada, and named one of the Top 10 Asian artists to watch by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Abbas Hasan is already making waves across continents. From singing for the Mickey Mouse Club to being photographed at Elton John’s parties, the French pop sensation Abbas Hasan has already had quite a journey in the music world.