Abdul Sattar Edhi Honored With A Google Doodle


Google honored the renowned Pakistani philanthropist, Abdul Sattar Edhi, dedicating a Google doodle on his 89th birthday!


The doodle portrayed his good work, depicting an ambulance of Edhi foundation, a mother with a child, a hospital, a dog and a book. Edhi Foundation has been providing a number of services including an ambulance service, running orphanages, schools and helping those in need.


This is the first time that Edhi, also dubbed as the ‘Angel of Mercy’, has been recognized on an international platform as this.

Abdul Sattar Edhi’s mission was to help others. Therefore, he created the Edhi Foundation in 1951, with the slogan, “live and help live”. The foundation is mainly funded by private donations. The foundation’s ambulance service is a source of relief to people across Pakistan and even worldwide. Moreover, the foundation has helped countless orphans, widows and disaster victims all over Pakistan. Apart from Pakistan, Edhi Foundation’s notable international service was helping the survivors of the hurricane Katrina.

The humanitarian and philanthropist breathed his last in July 2016 due to a renal failure.

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