Actor In Law Gets Copied In Bollywood


He is a lawyer who takes the Electricity people head on and becomes a hero for doing the unthinkable … for those who are thinking of Actor In Law, think again.

This is the story of Shahid Kapoor’s latest film Batti Gul Meter Chalu in which he plays a lawyer who does a Fahad Mustafa and becomes a hero (even if that isn’t shown in the trailer). Let’s first take a look at the Actor in Law trailer!

The film tackled a lot of subjects and the Electricity people were the villains in one of the cases. Look at how Fahad Mustafa’s character destroyed them in court.

Now watch the Bollywood version … I mean the trailer of Batti Gul Meter Chalu where Shahid Kapoor is a lawyer who takes the Bijli walay head on just like Fahad Mustafa who didn’t have a degree and found himself in trouble, but more or less did the same thing.

The co-writer and director of Actor In Law Nabeel Qureshi was disappointed with the trailer of Batti Gul Meter  Chalu; when contacted by Very Filmi, he said that it would have been better had they purchased rights and remade Actor In Law their own way.

‘Bollywood remakes Hollywood films and that’s okay as long as they give the credit. They could have asked us and that would have saved them from embarrassment because right now the film looks like a rip off of Actor In Law.

We showed the same thing including the protests and the uprising but then, I am glad that since the film is being screened in Mumbai today, many would come out and point out that Actor In Law did it first.

This is the same director who made Toilet: Ek Prem Katha and it would have been better had he acknowledged us in some way rather than terming it an original story.

According to Nabeel Qureshi, this is not the first time the film was copied across the border; last year it was ripped off in Odia language and the trailer can be seen online.

Whether the filmmakers knew of the plagiarism or not is not the question here; what’s important is that the film’s trailer was released on the same day Actor In Law was screened in India, even though for a small gathering.

The film was not only Om Puri’s first and only film in Pakistan, it turned out to be one of the biggest hits of all times and won awards for being different.

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