Actor In Law Movie Review- Engaging Entertaining & Thought Provoking!


While the Khans might be ruling Bollywood, did Fahad Mustafa just win Pakistan and beat a movie full of Pakhtuns? After watching Actor in Law and knowing the box office score so far, it’s safe to say he has. The movie is by far the BEST to come out of Pakistani cinema, and that is no exaggeration. Not only is it a perfect entertainer, it also plays a great role in highlighting some serious social problems.

Coming from Nabeel Qureshi, the director of Na Maloom Afraad, we already had our expectations sky high. To top it, there was Fahad Mustafa, Mehwish Hayat, and Om Puri’s star power. With all the right ingredients, how could this movie fail?

Well, it couldn’t and it didn’t.



There are comedy movies, there are serious movies, and then there is Actor is law; a comedy movie with a strong storyline.

Often times, most of us have been programmed and pressurized into taking up careers that the society feels fit for us. Become a doctor, an engineer or maybe a LAWYER? Has anyone ever said become an actor? An insignificant fraction of the parents encourage their kids to follow their dreams and take up a more artistic career. (Unless they come from the same background themselves)

Actor in Law tells the story of Shan Mirza (Fahad Mustafa), an aspiring actor who is a disappointment to his lawyer father Rafaqat Mirza (Om Puri). The father expects him to take over his footsteps, while all Shan wants to do is make his mark in the film industry.

Shan fails at making it big in the industry which adds to his frustration and suffocation. One day after having his heart broken and all hope lost, Shan goes to collect his father’s belongings from his office. That is when a dramatic twist takes place and destiny leads him to that one place he never wanted to be; The courtroom. When pleading common men ask Shan to fight a case, he ends up impersonating a lawyer in court.  Not only does he fight the case, he wins it too! All though his strong dialog delivery and powerful performance as an actor.

The actor in the courtroom becomes the talk of the town and shoots to further to fame after his encounter with reporter Meenu (Mehwish Hayat) who plays the role of a Parsi girl to perfection. Shan fights for the rights of people and becomes a hero until the truth is revealed. Who fights for Shan’s rights? Well, who else would but his own father, right?


Together Shan and Meenu bring to light the evils of society and break stereotypes. Pop culture references  such as Ayesha Sana’s bright karain and Ayan’s money laundering case  add to the entertainment. Not just this, the story also touches some no go political areas with some real subtlety that not many filmmakers would have dared to do.

Apart from Fahad Mustafa, Mehwish Hayat, and Om Puri, a few cameos are also a real treat to watch! And mind you, they’re not pointless.



Strong performance by all the actors, strong storyline and a MUST WATCH paisa vasool and thought provoking movie that will leave you in splits of laughter! Actor in Law is not to be missed. Although the music could have been better, we’re not complaining.

If we sum up Fahad Mustafa’s talent In Om Puri’s words, “He is the diamond of Pakistan and could compete with any Bollywood actor in terms of talent.”

Watch and rewatch Actor in Law, cause you would want to again and again!