Actress Meera To Marry For The 3rd Time!


The oh-so-controversial Pakistani actress Meera is known for grabbing headlines, be it her purse-snatching incident in Dubai, or claiming poverty.

This time, Meera is making the news for a happy occasion. The Lollywood diva will soon be tying the knot!

Meera Lashes Out At Mahira Khan AGAIN!

She is currently busy with preparations for the upcoming ceremony. Unfortunately for us though, Meera is hoping to keep her nuptials as intimate as possible and only special guests will be invited to the wedding, which will be held at her private residence in Defence, Lahore.

According to a source,

“Preparations are in full swing at Meera’s house and she has strictly instructed her parents and family members to refrain from disclosing any details about the wedding,”

The source also revealed that,

“The ceremony will mostly be held at home but Meera has also booked a five-star hotel for it and is currently sorting out her clothes and jewellery. As it’s a sensitive matter, Meera didn’t hold a big engagement function and most of us still don’t even know who she is getting married to now.”

While the actress herself is keeping mum about the whole thing,

“The media became a great barrier in my previous relationships; every time I came close to getting married. This time, I have decided not to comment or open up about anything,”

She’s pretty adamant about it.

“I will not share anything about my personal life”

We hope third time’s the charm for Meera!

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