In Conversation With Adeel Chaudhry & Iranian Actor Elnaaz Norouzi


Our team recently got the chance to get some deets on the upcoming rom-com Maan Jao Naa. The movie is different for many reasons:

  1. It marks Adeel Chaudry’s awaited debut in the movies.
  2. Iranian model Elnaaz Norouzi will play the role of his lady-love.

Scroll down to see our exclusive interview with these two upcoming sensations:

In Conversation with Elnaaz Norouzi

Q1. What’s the equation you share with Adeel Chaudhry?

Well, you have already framed the question in a way that there is just so much I can answer laughs
We share an equation that any co-stars do! Adeel is a lovely human being, funny at times, he also behaves stupidly at times, but he has this really smart side to himself which he tends to hide, and that is pretty attractive about his personality.

Q2. Were you apprehensive about facing hostility from the industry here in Pakistan?

At first, yes I was very apprehensive about doing this film because it was a whole new atmosphere and completely new market where I barely knew anyone. The production was not even agreeing for me to bring my Manager along, things like these do happen to affect your decision, but Adeel convinced and reassured me that there is nothing to worry about and evidently so, once I reached there everything was different, people were really warm and loving, I am so glad I went ahead with my decision to do the film.

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Q3. Who’s your favourite actor and actress?

My favourite actress would be Meryl Streep, I think she is the most natural actor I have seen.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui Sir is my most favourite actor at the moment, acting comes to him naturally and that’s what I love about actors.

Q4. Tell us about your most gruelling scene in ‘Maan Jao naa’?

It has to be when we were shooting in Sukkur, the weather was extremely chilly. We would shoot up to 19 hours a day, sleep was almost negligible and then back on the sets for another 19 hours of shoot. If I had to choose one specific scene it would be when we shot for the song in the rain, I was freezing, it was really hard!

Q5. How you and crew motion picture get in contact?

Honestly, it happened because I think it was meant to happen.

I happened to check this message from my friend who is a casting director which had been lying in my inbox for quite some time, I replied to it and surprisingly he asked me if I was interested in this Pakistani film, and I told him if it’s a big production house and a good team to work with then why not, a week after I signed the film. So I feel it was pure coincidence, cause the message he had sent was quite old and I happened to see it at that time where he was auditioning for MJN.

In Conversation with Adeel Choudhry

Q1. What was the appeal of doing Maan Jao Naa

The things due to which I signed was the director, he is an am zing person. Secondly, I love the way of Asma Nabeel has written the film and third I was really amazed by the hard work and his interest of the producer Mr Khalid in making the film, the way he was putting in his blood and sweat is a just appreciable.

I think it was the interest of everyone who wanted to make this film was what appealed me the most.

I believe that the numbers which film gets at the box office include a lot of other aspects of marketing, promotions, timing etc but one thing that I was sure of was that the team was so hardworking and wanted to make a great film regardless of all the aspects, and if you ask me, they have made it into a great film.

Q2. How did crew motion pictures get in touch with you?

It just happened coincidently, I met Tahir who works with Crew Motion Picture who told me about the film and wanted to set up a meeting, I agreed but couldn’t do it due to traveling and work, later I got another call and finally met the writer and director, I found an instant connection with them, got another narration and realised that I wanted to do it, I hope the producers felt the same way about me! :p

Q3. How was your experience working with Elnaaz Norouzi?

It has been absolutely fantastic, she is an old friend and an amazing person. I asked her to be a part of Maan Jao Naa and I’m glad she agreed to it. You all will see great chemistry between us as being old friends it was easy to work with each other. Elnaaz is a complete professional and an amazing co-actor I must say.

Q4.What do you think you gained as an actor from your work in Maan Jao Naa

I have learned a lot from my director Aabis Raza, he is one of the best people I’ve known and my favourite person to work with. I would love to do more projects with him as he is an easy going man. I have made a lot of friends and got to know about this amazing production house as well.

5. Tell us about your ‘Maan Jao naa’ journey?

The journey has been absolutely amazing. If I talk about myself I have worked internationally and in Pakistan as well. But my career graph has been really slow because I am very choosy about my work and usually don’t take on projects until they appeal me. But comparing all my work I think Maan Jao Naa will be one of my best works and I would like to give credit to my director. I got to explore myself as an actor. I did all the stunts myself from jumping into the sea and driving a 1300cc bike or I guess it was 1800cc but in any case, it was something I had never done before.

Q6. Why did you choose acting as a profession when you’re a dentist by education and a singer turned actor.

It was always there but again coming from an educated and educationally strict family I had to finish my education first. Getting my degree then became my priority at the time. After I was done I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted. But I definitely always felt I was born to be an actor. Education was more oriented towards making my parents happy and a backup plan you can say.