Adele Named Richest Celebrity Under 30 in Britain, Zayn Malik also Makes the List


The British ‘Hello’ singer, Adele, has once again left her mark on the world! The 28-year-old is UK’s richest celebrity under the age of 30. Last year, Adele was on number 4 and skipped all the way to the top by earning a whopping $114 million in 2016, more than double from her last year’s figures of $47m.

Harry Potter, aka, Danial Radcliffe became the celeb to sweep away at number 2, the 27-year-old earned $91.6 million, while third place was once again taken by another singer, the 25-year old singer Ed Shareen, followed by the now-solo artist and former 1-Directioner, Zayn Malik.

Here is the complete celeb. list who made it:

1) Adele, 28 ($114 million)

2) Daniel Radcliffe, 27 ($91.6, Harry Potter)

3) Ed Sheeran, 25 ($55.8 million)

4) Zayn Malik, 23 ($47.1 million)

5) Harry Styles, 22 ($45.8 million)

6) Emma Watson, 26 ($43.3 million, Harry Potter)

7) Liam Payne, 23 ($42.1 million)

8) Niall Horan, 23 ($42.1 million)

9) Louis Tomlinson, 24 ($40.9 million)

10) Rupert Grint, 28 ($35.9 million, Harry Potter)

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