Adil Murad Spotted With Legendary Divas Zeba And Babra Sharif


The Pakistani entertainment industry is not something that has gained success overnight. What most people from the new generation do not know about is the amazing people who were the bricks and cement of the industry that we now know. Of course, some of you might have heard about a few legendary people from your Ami and Abu but honestly, that’s not enough. Stars like Waheed Murad, Zeba Begum and Babra Sharif are one of the amazing people that have made the Pakistani film industry what it is today.

Recently, Waheed Murad’s son Adil Murad was spotted next to the beautiful Zeba Begum and Babra Sharif in an event that took place in Islamabad. Even though the legendary actor Waheed Murad is not with us in this world anymore, we couldn’t help but feel nostalgia when we looked at Adil with the two actresses. It just felt like he came back to life!

If you don’t get what I’m trying to say, here’s a comparison to how they look like:

Waheed Murad was not only a charming actor with unique expressions and a tender voice, but was also a famous script writer and producer. His famous produced films included Insaan badalta hai (1961) and Hero which was the last film he produced and was released after his death during the 1980s.

Plus, if you think the actors of this generation are the most attractive as couples, look at Zeba Begum and Waheed Murad back in the days.


Next to Zeba, there was Babra Sharif who rocked the world with her amazing acting skills.

We’re blessed to have such amazing people in our entertainment industry. Some of them might be no longer in movies but we still look up to them as inspiration!


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