Adnan Malik – The Next Fawad Khan In The Making?


Guess who’s back? It’s none other than the coolest VJ/Model/Director/Actor, Adnan Malik. He’s back again, and that too with a BANG! After making his acting debut in Sadqay Tumhare opposite Mahira Khan, Adnan is all set to hit our television screens with not one but two exciting ventures this time.

Wouldn’t that be a treat? Well, it was an even bigger treat for the VeryFilmi team to get a chance to interview the rising star on the sets of Bin Roye Drama. And oh, what fun it was! Adnan gave us some inside scoops and exclusive bits to share with the fans.

Adnan Malik Reveals Exclusive Scoops On The Sets Of Bin Roye Drama

Bin Roye Drama

Since we met Adnan on the sets of Bin Roye, we just HAD to ask him for his views and opinion on the movie. And that’s how the entire conversation took off.

Did Bin Roye (the movie) live up to Adnan’s expectations?

Bin Roye Movie

“When I saw the film I quite enjoyed it but I feel it had a few narrative issues.”, admitted Adnan. He also added that despite being a difficult film it came out pretty strong. He thinks it was meant to be for a female audience and they connected to it really well. Long story short, Adnan said, “Mahira’s acting was excellent, the emotional breakdown was strong and Humayun’s performance was solid. It was a film that I watched till the end.” 

Bin Roye Movie vs Bin Roye Drama?

Cast of Bin Roye

Bin Roye the movie received a lot of criticism for being more like a long play. We asked Adnan if he thought the same and if actually turning the movie into a drama was a good idea. Adnan replied, “I saw the promo of the TV Show and the TV Show looks great. Since Mahira and Humayun’s star power keeps growing it might be a marketing genius!” He also added that if the movie was released now, it might not have done that well, for the beginning of a revival phase, it was a solid film and he would rate it a 7/10.

Adnan’s Role In Bin Roye Drama

Sadqay Tumhare

We asked Adnan if he thinks the drama would do better because he’s a part of it, to which he replied, “I just have a very small cameo role.” He revealed that the only reason he even has this cameo is because he did this before he did Sadqay. However, the actor has no regrets since he loves working with Mahira Khan and he completely supports Momina Duraid!

Is Mahira Khan his Favourite Female Co-star?

Mahira Khan

By far she’s the only female co-star he has starred opposite so there aren’t many to pick and choose from laughed Adnan. Speaking of Mahira he said, “She’s great! We share a really good chemistry. Mahira is a very giving actress and we’re friends since our VJ days so it’s easier to work with her. He also added, “I’m working with Sanam Saeed in Gypsy. Which is fun!

Revealing about his role in Gypsy

Adnan Malik- Gypsy

Dialogues in Sadqay Tumhare were difficult for a 1st-time actor and it was a tough project altogether. However, it was fun and he believes he has won the audience and grown as an actor. Revealing about his role in Gypsy, Adnan said, “The character is very different from Khalil in Sadqay Tumhare.” Adnan doesn’t play the bully or the rebel in this project. “He’s emotional, he’s confused and he’s unsure of love and life. Gypsy is a very contemporary role.”

A role that Adnan could’ve done better than the actor who actually did it?

Adnan Malik- Ranbir- Ranvir

Adnan decided to play it safe when we asked him if there was a role he thinks he could’ve played better than the actor who actually did it. He said, “I’d play a better Khalil if I did Sadqay Tumhare now.”  We  pushed him a little to pick a project apart from his own and he still stayed firm on his stand. However, he stated he’d love to play Ranveer Singh’s or Farhan Akhter’s character in Dil Dhadakne Do, or Ranbir Kapoor’s role in Bombay Velvet.


Bollywood plans?

Adnan Malik -Bollywood

“I’d go anywhere to learn,” confessed Adnan. He highlighted how the mega-hit Bollywood film Sholay had a train sequence that was shot mainly by German stuntmen and camera team. “They also learned from somewhere else. And we also have to learn and since India is our neighboring country, why not? Going to Bollywood doesn’t mean you’re a traitor”, he said.

“Go there, work, learn, come back and contribute to Pakistan like Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, and Ali Zafar,” Adnan added. He also shared that since he has a lot of director friends in Bollywood, he’s always visiting India. But for him to sign a deal, it has to be the right role.

Fret not, even if he does go to Bollywood, whatever he learns there, he’s going to bring back because he wants to make the Pakistani industry better!

Well, that’s the spirit! Is Adnan Malik the next Fawad Khan in the making? Send in your feedback and stay tuned for more scoops on entertainment!