Adnan Sami & Aamir Liaquat’s Twitter War Gets Nasty!

adnan sami aamir liaquat

Indian singer Adnan Sami khan recently got into a nasty Twitter fight with famous Pakistani TV host Aamir Liaquat Khan and it is making headlines now.

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Recently, the former Pakistani citizen was asked by a netizen about his thoughts about Kashmir, to which he replied:

After his response, another netizen brought Indian pilot Abhinandan’s iconic tea incident up to which he wrote:

His tweet caught the attention of Aamir Liaquat and he couldn’t resist lashing out at him.

He replied:

 Yes.. He went… shot his identity and spit on the graves of his forefathers had a betrayal drink.. got hatred from Pakistan .., Fool

To which Adnan Sami replied:

Only a pimple of an existence like that would derive this from it’s unimaginative pedestrian molecule of a mind which is why you lead a pathetic life eating off others name in order to seek validation of your otherwise non consequential self!Enjoy!

However, Aamir Liaquat came up with a savage reply and said:

Only an abcess filled with the pus of hatred and narcissism would’ve  to write gibberish all the time to seek validation & prove his patriotism all the time, your TL is more about Pakistan than your ownself so we all know who is living a pathetic life.I know you’re undercover.

Well, we totally loved the way Aamir Liaquat trolled him!

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