Adnan Sami To Make Acting Debut!


The Sultan of Music, Adnan Sami, the man Pakistanis love to hate, is once again in the limelight. Hated by Pakistanis for running after Indian citizenship, the singer is pretty pleased with himself for attaining what he wanted.

However, now that its all done and dusted, Sami plans on exploring new boundaries of his career.

The Lift Karade singer wants to become an actor!

Yes, that’s right. Adnan Sami will be soon appearing on TV!

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Adnan Sami To Visit Pakistan?

So will we see Adnan Sami in Pakistan? When asked, the singer replied with a laugh,

“Why not? It’s God’s land. We all have the right to visit places made by God. These boundaries are man-made.”

Talking about his fandom, Adnan said he believed that anyone who was a true fan would not care about his citizenship.

“I am an artist and I have fans who love me for the music I am associated with. A true music lover will never give a damn about my citizenship.”

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