Adnan Sami Receives Hate & Abuse For Praising Indian Army


After living in India for almost over a decade, the Indian government granted Adnan Sami the right to stay in India, indefinitely, on humanitarian grounds last year.

“What an amazing gift I’ve received this birthday(42nd). The gift to breathe freely in my home. I can’t begin to express my relief and gratitude.  I’ve renounced my Pakistani citizenship and now India is my home, as it has been for the last 14 years,” the musician had stated.

Adnan Sami has declared himself Indian and to further prove his love and support, he made a  pro-Indian Army tweet after the Surgical Strike. (With absolutely no mention of Pakistan.)

Adnan Sami’s congratulatory tweet:

While his tweet won the hearts of the Indians, it received hate and abuse from Pakistan.


Adnan responded by saying, ” ‘They’ see Terrorist & Pakistan as the same!

The things the singer has to do in order to prove his Indian Nationalism.

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