Agha Ali Gets Injured From Fireworks While Shooting For A Scene


A video of Agha Ali and Sarah Khan is recently circulating on the internet in which the two can be seen shooting for a scene around fireworks and all of a sudden Agha Ali gets hit by one.

The video was posted on the Facebook page of ‘All Pakistan Drama Page.’ Concerned fans shared their wishes and hoped that it wasn’t anything severe and that the actor is doing well.

While fans were hoping for him to be okay and were wishing him a quick recovery, there were others who couldn’t stop throwing negative comments. Here’s how some people commented.

The next comment will make you cringe.

One just lose all faith in humanity after reading such comments on the internet. It’s just sad how people these days can find negativity in almost anything. It’s not hard to empathize with someone who’s hurt!

We are glad there were others, supporting the actor and wishing for his healthy recovery. Some also raised concerns about taking precautions while shooting around fireworks.

Agha Ali Ali and Sara Khan are on one of the famous couples on-screen and off screen. The two recently got engaged and have a huge fan following on social media. The won the hearts of the audiences with their brilliant performances in drama serial ‘Tumhare Hain.’

Agha Ali has not yet responded to news on any of his social media platforms. Let’s hope the actor is doing well and there are no serious injuries.

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