Ahad Raza Mir Shares Candid Moment With His Mom After LSA 2018 Win


Now, we already know how affectionate Asad Raza Mir is with his family, friends and especially his mother. There are countless times when he has mentioned his mother on his social media accounts and each of them are truly adorable. This is also one of the reasons of his popularity with his fans.

Recently, he won an award during Lux Style awards 2018 and fans around the nation were rejoicing for his success. To make it more awesome, Asad shared an Instagram image of him hugging his mother and holding the award. He described that his mother is one of the reasons he was able to be here in the first place.

Many more to come.

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Just look at them, aren’t they the best mom and son duo? After that, fans from all over the country fell in love with the actor even more and now his mother is famous too!

Fans found it so amazing that they couldn’t stop talking about it. Check out what they have to say below:

Honestly, we agree too.

Mother are always that ray of sunshine that we all need in our lives.

Which is why we need to love her everyday.

Apparently his instagram was flooded with positive comments..

If you’re reading this, don’t forget to say MashaAllah and go hug your mother right now!


Couldn’t agree more!

Looks like Mama Mir has a fanbase now too! Some of the fans even wanted her to be an actress because of her good looks. We agree!

We are equally proud of Asad Raza Mir for his amazing acting skills and we love how affectionate he is towards the people in his life. Kudos to you, Asad!

Bonus: Here’s a picture of Asad Raza Mir holding his award, cute!

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