Ahad Raza Mir Shares His Views Over Indo-Pak Tension

ahad raza mir

Earlier this year, the Pulwama attack caused a major dent in Indo-Pak relationship. It was not only a political pitfall, but it also created a major divide amongst celebrities on either side of the border.

Soon after the attack, the Indian government gave a number of controversial statements that initiated a cold war between the two nations.

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It first held Pakistan responsible for the attack and announced the ban on Pakistani artists and content in India.

Recently, the handsome hunk Ahad Raza Mir was asked about his views over the ongoing tension and said that he is trying to change negative concepts of Pakistan through art.

He said:

Any conflict in the world is bad, it’s wrong. [As an artist], I feel it’s my job to represent my country and to change negative concepts of Pakistan in people’s minds. I put value on showing people Pakistan by doing something like Hamlet.

He also said that after doing Hamlet in Canada, he became more patriotic and have an urge to do something for his country.

He added:

I feel more Pakistani now than I ever have. No matter where I go now — even if I’m going back to Canada — I’m seen as someone repping Pakistan. This is the good part of the whole fame thing.

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