Ahad and Sajal Rooting for Each Other is The Best Thing on Internet!


Nominees for Lux Style Awards have been announced recently. There have been some unexpected nominations and some people are shocked by not seeing their favorite stars and screenplays in these nominations

One of the most popular drama of 2017, Yakeen Ka Safar, that literally took the screen by storm, has not been nominated for the best drama. This indeed, is a big shock for everyone and people are not happy about it at all.


Although YKS didn’t make it to the nominations, the leading stars Ahad and Sajal have been nominated as the best TV actor and the best TV actress, respectively.We all know what a lovely couple they both make. Not only Ahad and Sajal share an eye-catching chemistry on-screen, they are very good friends in real life too.

Ahad and Sajal rooting for each other for their recent Lux Style nominations is the latest example of their heart-warming friendship.

Look how Ahad posted this picture on his Instagram account and asked his followers to vote for Sajal.

Ahad also posted a message on twitter in support of Sajal!

There’s no doubt that Sajal gave one of her best performances in YKS. And same goes for Ahad!

In return, Sajal also voted for Ahad and asked her followers to do the same!


Ahad and Sajal have left the people in awe by their adorable gesture for each other!


Dr. Asfi and Dr. Zubia forever!

Though, the Feroze and Sajal club doesn’t look happy at all!

Here comes the explanation!

While the Ahad and Sajal club is loving it!

Some are still not over Yakeen Ka Safar *crying*

Some still don’t get it!

And the best thing about internet, the memes!

Some wanted to vote for their favorite stars but didn’t know how!

Just go to https://www.luxstyle.pk/lsa2018/ , in order to vote for your favorite star!

Ahad and Sajal are two amazing faces of our industry and it’s good to see the co-stars supporting each other.

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