Ahmed Shah Was Invited To Jeeto Pakistan & People Are Furious


As the global pandemic is nowhere close to ending, the lockdown and restrictions all around the world have tightened. Moreover, in Pakistan, as Ramadan transmissions has become ‘too necessary’, PEMRA decided not to ban them but allow the show to go on maintaining social distance.

Speaking of Ramadan transmissions, Jeeto Pakistan is back but with a completely new idea. This time there’s no audience (as per PEMRA’s notice) as people would now be able to play within the safety of their homes.

The show is now called Jeeto Pakistan League in which 5 teams from 5 cities would be taking part. And guess what? The captains will all be our very own celebrities. 

However, keeping in mind how Pakistanis are strictly told to maintain social distance amidst the coronavirus pandemic, our celebrities think otherwise. In fact, what was shocking was the fact that they invited the little star, Ahmed Shah to the show.

But here’s what people spotted and for many, this wasn’t right.

Watching the show and noticing how people are putting each other’s lives at risk, people were furious and here’s what they had to say:

This is insane!

What’s the point of not having an audience when there are already so many people on the set?

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