Ahsan Khan Talks About Udaari & How It Can Be Used to Educate People on Sexual Abuse


The entire nation is mourning the loss of 7-year-old Zainab who lost her life due to the barbarism that prevails in our society.

Zainab was kidnapped, brutally raped and murdered in Kasur. People learned about this horrifying incident upon finding her dead body in a pile of garbage.

This is not the first incident that took place in Kasur, similar other cases have been reported before.

People, including Pakistani celebrities, came out to protest and demand justice for Zainab. Various celebrities, including Mahira Khan have spoken on the incident, urging to educate kids and parents regarding sexual abuse.

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We reached Ahsan Khan, who played a pedophile in Udaari, for a comment on how the show talked about this bitter reality that exists in our society and how much it is important to educate everyone on child sexual abuse.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Udaari talked about child sexual abuse around 1.5 years back. It was one of the best plays which totally changed the style of thinking of our drama makers. They realized that they should talk about various social issues through their dramas. Plus, I always told people that plays like Udaari should be shown in school to educate children regarding sexual abuse. As in, not the entire play, but a few important clips can be used to educate them and create awareness. Teachers should be allowed to talk about this to a certain extent in which parent’s also feel comfortable.”

While talking about how we shouldn’t trust everyone around our children, he said:

A lot of people complained at that time that the drama is inappropriate but the thing is that we had never sensationalized the idea of abuse. We had shown that this happens, happens in the families, it can happens to the kids. We should be careful, we should be aware and people like Imtiaz character are like around us, we should always be very careful and do not trust everyone. It’s a very big responsibility for the parents. It’s strange that parents leave their kids alone but then of course no one expects such things to happen in real.”

He further added:

“Initially PEMRA kept sending notices but later on it was received very well. I really feel that we did something good for the society and it was not just me, it was Ehtishaam, Momina Duraid, Roshan e Zafar, and everybody else because we believed it was necessary for us to highlight this social issue.”

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While putting emphasis on the importance of educating people on child sexual abuse, he said:

“I feel if people were educated regarding child sexual abuse, criminals were punished more and if such incidents were taken seriously before instead of just ignoring whatever’s been happening in Kasur, or the country for that matter, we wouldn’t have reached to this point where these incidents are happening so often.”

Farhan Saeed who was also a part of Udaari took to his Instagram following Zainab’s case to about this issue. Here’s what he wrote:

This bone chilling incident has shocked the entire nation. We hope justice is served to Zainab and the culprits are punished in a manner that is so horrifying that no other person can ever think of committing this heinous crime!