Aima Baig’s Relationship Status Will Break Your Heart


Aima Baig has recently taken the entertainment industry by storm with not just her drop dead gorgeous looks, but exceptional vocals. The talented singer has given us some wonderful music to listen to and clearly she has conquered our hearts with just that.

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Considering her increasing popularity it is evident that fans would want to know everything about this young star. The diva’s relationship status, to be more precise. However in a recent interview with Mag Weekly Aima revealed news that might leave millions of hearts broken.

Although Aima revealed that she is currently single, she went on to say that she  has no plans of being with anyone because all her focus is directed towards work.

“I used to be in a relationship. I am not going to say I have never had a boyfriend. However, right now I’m only committed to my work,” She further added that “I give all my time to my work because it never complains, never demands, unlike a boyfriend. It’s the best relationship I could be in.”

That’s it gentlemen, there go all your chances of wooing this beauty! Looks like Aima has her priorities sorted and we can’t blame her, considering how her career in the music industry is going uphill  right now. Hence all we can do is follow the young star for more news about her upcoming projects and wish her all the best!

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