Aiman Khan & Minal Khan’s Thailand Vacation Pictures Are #TwinGoals


Just like all of us, celebrities also have to take a break from their busy schedules. Just before summer came to an end we saw our all time favourite stars giving us major vacation goals through their posts on social media. Whats’ interesting to note though, is the fact that this year Thailand has been everyone’s ultimate destination for a classic vacation.

Just recently we have witnessed Aiman Khan and Minal Khan posting their vacation pictures on Instagram, and guess where they were spending their holidays? That’s right Thailand.


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Aiman Khan and Minal Khan – the Pakistani twins had a blast on their holidays.


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The sisters celebrated their Eid in Thailand as well!

More from Eid day ?

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Eid Mubarak world ? Wearing @myrangja Styled by @anilamurtaza @stylebyaneela

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But Thailand does seem to be a really lit place to visit. Considering its exquisite beaches and exciting tourist attractions. The two actresses definitely gave us a major FOMO.

But it seems like they aren’t the only ones vacationing in Thailand these days. Lately Feroze Khan has been updating his Instagram with amazing pictures of his vacation, also in Thailand. This has got us all thinking, what are the celebrities upto? Is everyone’s visit to this country at the same time a mere coincidence  or is there a mystery project that they are collaborating on and just we do not know?

Whatever the case may be, Feroze Khan seems to be having the time of his life.

– believer.

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This Pakistani heartthrob does not cease to amaze his fans. Looking dapper in almost every picture he uploads, this Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai star has got his fans going crazy over these vacation pictures.

– rollin'

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There’s yet another Pakistani star chilling on the sunny beaches of Thailand – that’s right! Coincidence? We think not. These days Ainy Jaffri’s Instagram is flooded with her vacation pictures and it looks like her holidays are going pretty well.

Swadika ?? #phuket #thailand #paradise #sunsets

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It looks like the diva has chosen the right place for her holiday trip. Thailand is pretty awesome so it’s no surprise that our celebrities are all pouring into Phuket to have some peace of mind from their busy schedules.

Although some, are currently in Thailand working for an upcoming project that we know of. Aminah Sheikh, Adnan Siddiqui and Hareem Farooq are in Thailand shooting for Miss Veet.

So it’s not all about vacations for our stars. Meanwhile, we are keeping ourselves up to date and craving for more details of how our all time favourite celebrities are spending their holidays.

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