Ainy Jaffri Shuts Down Internet Trolls Over ‘Abusive’ Comment

ainy jaffri to haters

The flawless Pakistani actress Ainy Jaffri has always been making waves around the nations and has now become a social media sensation.

She is not only famous for her superb acting skills but it is her Instagram posts that attract a lot of attention from fans and followers.

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Recently, the actress posted a picture with her cousin sister and wished her birthday in the most adorable way ever.

Have a look at her post.

However, one of the Instagram followers called Ainy Jaffri ‘vulgar’ which caught her attention.

The  follower commented:

“Abhi Umra Ker Ke Ai Aur Abhi Se Beghairti Shuru”.

ainy jaffri to haters

Fortunately, the actress did not stay quiet and replied back to the haters! 

The actress wrote a long post over her comment and said that she usually ignore these trolls particularly comment irked her.

Look at what she said:

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So on my last post, where I am with my cousin wishing her happy birthday, I get this comment. Now usually I ignore these trolls because we get too many such comments but this one particularly irked me ( I mean seriously! Look at us) because this angel seems to believe that @) smiling is beghairitee b) smiling after umrah is particularly baighairat. I’m not going to write a bhaashan on why this person needs to get a life but if you feel like mehwish_noor111 here please just unfollow me 💕 (The Princess has since deleted her post and removed her profile, hopefully this will make a little dent in the whole online trolling game and you guys might think before posting? 😔 let’s see) But more importantly this post is not about this one person, it’s about all of the haters, judges and self appointed moral police. Just be concerned with your own lives and how you conduct yourself and spread kindness. Try to be the best you can be. I’m working on that too. But hiding behind false names, following us and then writing hurtful and silly comments isn’t going to help you, help us or your relationship with god. Live and let live ppl.

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Her followers absolutely loved the way she responded to the troll and supported her.

Look at what they say! 

ainy to haters

ainy to haters

ainy to haters

ainy to haters

ainy to haters

Haters gonna hate and if you are a celebrity or one with a huge following, such haters, trolls in common parlance, are a part and parcel of your internet life! Ignorance is bliss, but being aware and unaffected is brave.

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