Aisha Khan Says Goodbye to the Entertainment Industry!


Let’s admit it, over the past few years Pakistani entertainment industry faced quite a raise in popularity. Mainly due to the amazing people working day and night to make each entertainment piece more powerful, captivating and interesting. This includes renowned model and actress Aisha Khan.

Where have we not seen Aisha Khan flawlessly brushing her talent in? From the popular TV series Mann Mayal to her exquisite expressions in modeling, she has amazed us countless of times. However, not all good things stay forever and this applies to our favorite Aisha Khan.

About a few hours ago, Aisha Khan revealed on her official Facebook page that she will be leaving the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Her words came out as a shock for hundreds of people as she didn’t give a reason for her sudden desire to leave. However, we all understood. While many were sad and wanted her to stay, others encouraged her and wish the actress good luck for the future.

Many fans are still hoping that Aisha will stay in touch with them through social media. Fingers crossed!

Celebrities also joined the comments and bid the actress farewell. I swear, Syed Jibran is all of us right now.

Awww! We will definitely miss Aisha Khan dearly. It’s not everyday that your favorite celebrities leave.

Aisha Khan has been on a successful voyage for over 14 years now and her hard work has surely won our hearts countless times. During her talk with Something Haute, Aisha Khan also expressed her love for her fans in the most tear-jerking way.

Also, don’t worry! You can still catch her in the on-going show Meri Nanhi Pari. Tune in see her amazing acting skills every week!

We will miss you, Aisha Khan!

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