Aisi Hai Tanhai 2nd Last Episode Review: The Painful Journey is Now Going to End!


Aisi Hai Tanhai never seizes to amaze us with its heart wrenching story, some outclass acting and the perfect direction, which makes it one our favorite dramas to watch every week!

After everything she has gone through, Pakeeza didn’t want to reopen her case in the first place but seeing her mother on her side, she took the courage to fight against the whole world and now when she’s no more with her, Pakeeza is not sure if she can do this alone!

This has to be Sonya Hussain’s one of the best performances throughout and Pakeeza’s character has taken her career to a whole new level!

The court session was filled with some brilliant acting and script from both the lawyers and the accused.

Pakeeza’s lawyer plays his trump card and shows the CCTV footage of the same day when Pakeeza got raped in which the accused can easily be detected coming out of Pakeeza’s room. This outshone the bad guys and their lawyer is left speechless and finally, the truth gets the upper hand!

Kinza apologizes to Hamza and tells him that he’s no more bound to sacrifice his life for anyone.

On the other hand, Pakeeza decides to stay at Dr.Saad’s place as she doesn’t want to make the situation difficult for Hamza and Kinza.

During the court proceedings, Hamza finds out that Pakeeza got pregnant and later, had a miscarriage and he just sits there thinking how much she has suffered throughout this whole time.

Sami Khan has got some great expression skills and even in the scenes where he has no dialogue, we can literally feel what he is thinking or what will he do next!

No matter how old we are but when we are totally lost and don’t see any way out, we got to our parents! Hamza’s mother tells him how proud she is and whatever he’s done for everyone, shows his great character. His parents are left in a shock when Hamza tells them that Pakeeza is still alive!

Let’s see how this roller coaster of emotions will end its painful journey in the last episode!

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