Aisi Hai Tanhai Ended with A Powerful Message for All of Us!


From the first episode till the last, Aisi Hai Tanhai had us cry rivers and the never stopiing emotional roller coaster makes it the most watched Pakistani drama at the moment!


The episode started with Pakeeza and Hamza cherishing the good old times and seeing them like this after such a long time was truly refreshing.

But we know these happy moments are pretty short lived in Aisi Hai Tanhai and as the bad guys try to kill Pakeeza outside the court, Hamza yet again proved that his love for Pakeeza is too strong that won’t him stop him from sacrificing his life!

Hamza’s character was the perfect example of selflessness and true love and he’s left many hearts crying. Sami Khan will be known as Hamza for quite some time now because he has left a huge impact on everyone and so will be Sonya Hussain, playing the role of Pakeeza!

Kinza wants to fulfill her duty as Hamza’s wife and decides to complete her Iddat in the same house when Pakeeza asks her to move back to their old house.

The man who raped Pakeeza gets sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment and the judge also gives the verdict to open Hamza’s murder case as it’s now proven that it was Jahangir Salim who planned all this.

Pakeeza’s speech in the court gave us all a very powerful message and taught us that your single mistake can ruin your life but still, you can always emerge from the damage of the past and face the world on your own.

Pakeeza decides to live with Ramsha because she knows the guilt Ramsha is bearing and she’s not the same person anymore.

Though it’s a bit confusing why Pakeeza and Kinza are not living together after Hamza’s death but it’s good that she’s forgiven Ramsha.

Pakeeza opens a small school for the training of young girls to prepare them for any danger they may face.

She has emerged from her haunted past and decided to give a meaning to her life by empowering other girls. Just like Hamza kept Pakeeza alive while everyone thought she was dead, Pakeeza decides to do the same for him.

Sonya Hussain, Sami Khan and Nadia Khan were remarkable throughout this drama and the last episode of Aisi Hai Tanhai has gotten an immense response from the audience on twitter!



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