Aisi Hai Tanhai Episode 23-24: Hamza and Pakeeza Finally Came Face to Face & The Internet Cannot Stop Crying About It!


Yesterday, Aisi Hai Tanhai episode 23-24 came out and we can’t help but cry our hearts out. This super hit drama makes us cry every week but the amount of intensity and feelings in the last episode has left us all emotionally broken!

The episode started with Pakeeza finding out about Hamza and Kinza and she is left in a state of shock and remembers her past. Meanwhile, Hamza continues to keep Kinza and her mother as happy as he can. Kinza is also growing fond of Hamza and she keeps telling him about her her day and Hamza listens to her as if he is obliged to!

Ramsha tries to comfort her when Pakeeza finds out that her mother, sister and Hamza, all live in the same building. On the other hand, Saad is working hard to get justice for Pakeeza but obviously, the bad guys seem to have an upper hand right now!

So, on the first death anniversary of Pakeeza, Hamza spends all his day in grief, thinking about her and to make it even more emotional, it’s a rainy day!

When Hamza gets back home, he finds that Kinza and her mother are at hospital. Unknowingly, he goes to Ramsha’s apartment, who by the way is also not home, and the biggest moment happens. Hamza and Pakeeza finally come face to face in this super intense emotional scene that has made us cry all night!

For Hamza, it’s like finding the purpose of his life but, Pakeeza doesn’t want to face anything related to her past. Ramsha begs Hamza to leave as she doesn’t want Pakeeza to leave her place, which Hamza doesn’t take up well.

The internet had an all emotional response after yesterdays episode!


It will be interesting to see how Hamza is going to cope up with this situation and how Pakeeza will face the realities of her past yet again!

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