Aisi Hai Tanhai Episode 25-26: Pakeeza Must Decide What to Do!


In the previous episode of Aisi Hai Tanhai, Hamza found out that Pakeeza is alive and is left all emotional. Last night, episode 25-26 of Aisi Hai Tanhai got aired and now, the characters are in a state of realization and trying to understand the situation.

After Hamza found the truth, he is in a continuous battle with his mind. He is now cold towards Kinza and her mother because he still doesn’t understand the reality of who lied to whom.

Kinza’s mother is really upset about this sudden change in Hamza’s behavior. Kinza tries to calm her down and ask her to give him some time like Hamza gave them initially.

Hamza couldn’t stop himself and confronts Pakeeza with everything he has done for her family. In reply, Pakeeza, with a cold heart, tells him that whatever he did was his own choice and she didn’t ask him for any favor herself. *cries*

Pakeeza comes to another realization when Ramsha shows her that Dr. Saad is still fighting her case and he doesn’t seem to back out. Pakeeza sends Ramsha to talk to Dr. Saad about taking the case back. Upon knowing that Pakeeza is safe and sound, Dr. Saad asks to meet her.

Kinza is trying everything she can to get things back to normal with Hamza.

The man who raped Pakeeza makes another confession to his lawyer that Pakeeza had taken poison before she came to the hospital. The bad guys now want to prove that Pakeeza is dead and ask the court to summon Pakeeza’s family.

Dr. Saad and his lawyer friend discuss how things are not in their favor anymore due to Pakeeza’s absence in the court.

Pakeeza has to decide now about what her next step is going to be!

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