Aisi Hai Tanhai Episode 30 Review: An Emotional Ride That We Can’t Get Enough of!


Already into the 30th episode of Aisi Hai Tanhai and still, we can’t get enough of this emotional ride that we desperately wait for every week!

Last time we saw the court session in which Ramsha confessed about sending the pictures to Hamza’s mother out of jealousy that became one of the causes of what happened to Pakeeza.

Pakeeza is now in a state of distrust because she put all her trust in Ramsha when she was not in the position to trust anyone else. Sonya Hussain never fails to impress us with her outclass acting and the reality she brings to her character is truly remarkable!

Ramsha is  ashamed for what she did but we know it is not going to be easy for Pakeeza to forgive her or for Hamza as Ramsha was his best friend. Sadia Ghaffar has been brilliant through out and her acting just keeps getting better with every episode!

Kinza  feels guilty and answerable to Pakeeza for marrying Hamza and she holds their mother responsible for the whole situation.

She gets even more frustrated when her mother tries to talk to her and explain her the reason behind what she did. Both, Nadia Khan and Saba Hameed, were impressive, as always, and made this scene very emotional.

Out of everyone, Hamza is probably having the hardest time understanding the causes and consequences of whatever happened because if we see, Pakeeza has already somewhat made peace with the harsh realities of life.

Sami Khan knows how to seize our attention with his perfect dialogue delivery and accurate expressions. The scene where he confronts Ramsha was truly intense and the one where Hamza’s father asks him to come back home, showed how broken he is at the moment!

This heart breaking story has all the ingredients of drama and emotions and  it doesn’t only focus on the main characters but we can also see ourselves understanding the state of mind of other characters as well.

Let’s see how these characters are going to emerge from the consequences of the past in the coming episodes!

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