Aisi Hai Tanhai Episode 31 Review: A Non-Stop Emotional Roller Coaster!


The 31st episode of this emotional roller coaster was as amazing as the previous but this time, it made us cry even more!

It started with the court scene where Pakeeza’s lawyer put some great show in the court while confronting the man who raped Pakeeza. This leaves the bad guys in some serious worry and they plant another lie for the next court session.

Kinza gets more furious and lashes out some harsh words, when her mother tells her that she was the one who gave her the poison and Pakeeza didn’t take it herself.

Pakeeza refuses to meet her mother but when Dr. Saad talks to her, she goes to meet her mother, Hamza and Kinza and pours her heart out about everything she’s been feeling for them.


Her mother is not in the position to say anything and Pakeeza doesn’t want her to apologize either, instead, she thanks her mother for giving her a new life!

The most-awaited moment between Pakeeza and Hamza was heartbreaking when Pakeeza tells him that she feels pride on his unconditional and selfless love because Hamza didn’t, for once, cared about his own life and did everything to make things right.

Pakeeza also assures Kinza that she doesn’t have any grudge for her elder sister and neither she is here to claim her belongings.

Kinza doesn’t say a single word during the whole scene but ends it with,

“Pakeeza aik baar tumhe galay se laga loon, bas aik baar” *cries*


They way Sonya Hussain has played these scenes in different emotional states show what an amazing actress she is and she did make us cry a lot. Nadia Khan, on the other hand, never fails to deliver the best of her!

Their mother recalls every bitter memory and what she did to Pakeeza. She gets lost in her own mind and the next thing we see is, Kinza finds her dead!

Saba Hamid was brilliant throughout this drama and no other actress could have portrayed this role better than her.

Let’s see what this will lead up to in the coming episodes!

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