Akcent & Otilia Bruma Will Be Performing Live In Karachi


Who ever said that Music scene is dead in Karachi? You can prove them wrong now. Last year, Diplo visited Islamabad to perform for a closed concert and the response was amazing.

Now we have Akcent and Otilia Bruma performing live in Karachi back to back on Friday and Saturday.

For those of you who don’t know Akcent is an award-winning and multi-certified dance pop artist. The members of the group sing in Romanian, English, Polish and Spanish.

Some of the most popular songs by Akcent are ‘That’s my name’, ‘My Passion’, and ‘Stay With Me’.

The group was created by Adrian Sînă, and Ramona Barta

See you there

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The 24 year old, gorgeous Romanian singer, Otilia Bruma will also be be performing with Akcent.

Otilia Brumă To Perform In Karachi Very Soon!!

The concert will take place at D.H.A Golf Club in Phase 8, Karachi.


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