Aakhri Station’s Episode 6: Menace of a Patriarchal Society


After narrating four powerful stories of atrocities on women in our patriarchal society including forced prostitution and domestic violence, the 6th episode of Aakhri Station has brought the crucial topic of acid attacks and its victims acid and domestic labours in our society.

The episode starts with the story of Shabana,played by Nimra Bucha, who had to work in fields to run her house as her husband is jobless and has no interested in supporting the family either.

Shabana was fired from her job as a maid in a month and she had no other choice but to work in the fields to support her family.

One day she finds out that she is expecting a baby. Due to the nature of her fieldwork, she develops medical condition which eventually leads to a miscarriage.

The phrase, Aurat ki kamai me barkat nahi hoti, was often repeated in the episode by her husband. The husband is extremely angry by his wife slaving away in the fields but is clearly not bothered enough to find himself a job.

There was a cameo appearance of the director, Sarmad Khoosat, as the voice of reason who contradicts the husband’s statement and supports his sister’s decision to earn. He requested Shabana’s husband to come to Karachi where she can look for better opportunities to work. She too ends up in the same boogie.

The second story was of Anum Gohar, a beautiful girl who was married off to an insecure person who gets jealous whenever Anum Gohar, as Shumaila, gets a compliment from any male. His suspicious behavior was to the extend that the friendliness of his brother towards Shumaila offends him as well.  Her beauty made him so suspicious  and insecure that he ended up pouring acid on Shumaila’s pretty face.

Her face was all ruined and she decided to escape from the trauma her husband was continuously subjecting her to.

The makers of Aakhri Station were able to keep the audience engaged throughout! While one woman is going Karachi to find herself a job to help her family, the other one is trying to escape her family to survive.

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