Ali Azmat Criticizes Younger Musicians, Umair Jaswal Responds!


Is Ali Azmat jealous of the younger musicians? Or is the senior Rockstar just not satisfied with the newbies? A video of the former Junoon star was recently leaked in which he can be seen criticizing the new talent.

Ali sort of vented saying, “Aisay hee star koi thora ban jata hai cheekhain maar kay. O bhai ganay bananay partay hain aur phir continuously ganay bananay partay hain” [You don’t become a star just like that, by screaming and shouting. You have to compose songs and compose them continuously.]

“Do mahinay ganay nahi banay toh dramay mein aa gaye. Hit ho gaye. Dramay mein hit ho gaye toh star ban gaye” [You can’t make music for a couple of months, do a TV serial instead. It becomes a hit and you become a star. That’s not how it works.], he also added.

Ali Azmat Criticizes Younger Musicians!

Ali Azmat directly mocked Umair Jaswal for not being original when a person sitting next to him pointed out that Sami Meri Vaar was a big hit. “Is Sami Meri Vaar his own song? It’s a folk song. They made random changes to it and turned it into a mess.”

Umair Jaswal has responded to the leaked video on facebook and he also thanked his fans for their support. In fact, he said that it’s really funny and that Ali is  entitled to his own opinion but he can’t force it to anyone.

Umair Jaswal Responds with all due respect!

“As far as my fans are concerned who’re supporting me in comments, I’d like to say koi baat nahi. Buzurg aadmi hain maaf kar dete hain, hojata hai kabhi kabhi.” ‘It’s ok. He is an elderly man. Please forgive him. That’s how it happens sometimes,’ he told his fans.

What is your opinion regarding this cold war? According to reports, Ali Azmat is all set to release a solo music video for Cornetto Pop Rock and Umair Jaswal might also part of the first season.

Well, let their music be the real judge is all we can say right now!

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