Ali Azmat OR Umair Jaswal – Let’s Settle This On Stage!


Ali Azmat’s leaked video hitting on younger musicians and Umair Jaswal’s response created quite a stir all over the social media causing a divide among the generations. Red bull took this battle between Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal to a whole new level by posting a picture on social media and captioning it, “Lets settle this on stage. ‪#‎AliAzmat‬ ‪#‎UmairJaswal‬

Here’s a little recap of the war between Ali Azmat & Umair Jaswal:

Ali sort of vented saying,You don’t become a star just like that, by screaming and shouting. You have to compose songs and compose them continuously.”

You can’t make music for a couple of months, do a TV serial instead. It becomes a hit and you become a star. That’s not how it works.”, he also added.

Umair Jaswal respectfully responded to the leaked video on facebook and he also thanked his fans for their support. In fact, he said that it’s really funny and that Ali is  entitled to his own opinion but he can’t force it to anyone.

“As far as my fans are concerned who’re supporting me in comments, I’d like to say it’s ok. He is an elderly man. Please forgive him. That’s how it happens sometimes,’ Umair Jaswal told his fans.


Was it all a pre- event hype? Was the leaked video and war a publicity stunt to gain attention? Well, it sure looks that way!

For the first time on August 27th Pakistan will witness a once-in-a-lifetime clash between the nation’s two big names in music; Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal. In this one-of-a-kind clash of generations the audience, placed in the centre of two stages, will decide the ultimate force of the Pakistani music.

Buckle up! It’s gonna get LOUD

There’s a lot of tension brewing on set between Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal!

Are you ready?

Who do you think will win the ultimate clash of generations?

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