Ali Gul Pir’s Latest Song ‘Modi Teri’ Goes Viral!


Amid all the Indo-Pak tension, Comedian/Raper Ali Gul Pir and SomeWhatSuper have come up with a hilarious response to Modi and his so-called security threats. The song ‘Modi Teri’ directly hits the Indian Government and the bluntness will have you rolling in fits of laughter!

The song suggests that while Modi claims on being all tough, he’s probably just scared. Afterall, Fawad Khan’s cuteness is the bomb, and Pakistan has agent pigeons to poop on them too! Right?

According to Ali Gul Pir, “Modi has no brain but he still likes to think he’s smart. His ‘insecure mindset’ is the real problem.”

Ali Gul’s Latest Song ‘Modi Teri’ Will Leave You In Hysterics!

Ali also took a dig at Adnan Sami and his unfaithfulness to his Pakistani roots by calling him an untalented ‘Lota’.The song ends with him inviting Modi and the entire India to strike back with a rap reply!

‘Modi Teri’ is full of insensitive language for the neighbor which makes us wonder if this is Ali’s attempt to trigger a war.

“I give blunt responses. Did the same with waderas and taroos, doing the same with Modi. If you do not call out evil or identify a problem, then you are part of it. Im speaking of rap battles instead of wars, nobody dies if we battle it with art and music.” Ali Gul Pir replied in a post on Facebook.

We hope it’s a peaceful and musical war only and does not add to the already hateful situation. No matter how funny the song may be, publicly declaring Modi as the ambassador of extremism and  terrorism does not sound like a peace promoting idea to us.

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