Ali Haider Releases Latest Single ‘Tanha’ Video


With a career spanning over two decades and more than seventeen album releases since the early 90s, Ali Haider still manages to impress the audience and excel as a pop icon.

His super hit singles like the memorable ‘Purani Jeans’, ‘Zalim Nazron Se’, ‘Ara Pajama’ and ‘Qarar’ are an evidence to his timeless contribution to the music industry.

Ali Haider returned to the stage for his debut in Coke Studio, Season 8, in a duet with Sara Raza on a classic track and once again vanished from the scene.

While his last album came out in 2013, he hasn’t exactly been releasing music regularly. However, things have changed and Ali Haider is all set to mark a smashing comeback.

“We all love to go abroad but then comes a point when you miss your homeland, your people, and your culture and you feel alone. Tanha portrays all those emotions,” he wrote on his Official Facebook page attaching a link to his latest single, Tanha, on Saturday.

Ali Haider Tanha

The song is filmed in the US with sequences a lot like those of PTV dramas of the late 90s that showcased the Pakistani life abroad. Ali Haider and his collaborating artist Emma Mall roam the streets of America, singing an easy and light-hearted melody.

Watch the video and have a listen: