Ali Zafar And Danyal Zafar Collaborate On New Coke Studio Single Titled “Julie”


Pakistan’s favourite rock star Ali Zafar returns to the country’s biggest music stage, Coke Studio, for the second time this season with his original Julie. The 4th episode of Season 10 features Zafar’s composition, lyrics and vocals on the season’s most awaited single, Julie, which has been produced and directed by Strings and musically directed by Shani Arshad. Julie also features the emerging artist and Ali’s brother, Danyal Zafar on guitars.

Ali Zafar Is All Praise For This Star Daughter’s Debut Song

A playful, modern tune, Julie is a bright take on heartbreak. Ali Zafar pulls out all the stops for this unrestrained number that has a pop-blues twist, starring as a petulant lover agonizing over the tragedy of love lost, complemented by the power of Danyal Zafar’s guitar solo bringing out the fiery nature of the song.

Written, composed and performed by Ali Zafar, the musician admits that he can’t help but push the envelope. The track reminds one of the larger than life energy that Rockstar brought to Coke Studio in Season 8.

Ali Zafar has previously performed 12 songs overall for Coke Studio, many of which have become some of the biggest hits from the platform. Across some incredibly diverse solo and collaborative tracks, he is the only artist to be performing 4 songs in this season.

The artist is also concurrently working on his Pakistani film debut, Teefa in Trouble set to release late this year.

If you haven’t already heard the song, click on the link below.

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