Ali Zafar Met His Craziest Fan & What Happened Next Was Awesome


Ali Zafar is definitely one of the most loved celebrities of Pakistan. In fact, he is not only loved in Pakistan but has a good fan following in our neighboring country India as well. Known for his impeccable talents which include his artistic skills, his singing, his acting, his fashion sense and his ability to drive fans crazy whenever he is on-stage, the Channo singer resides in many hearts. His fans, specially girls, are crazy about him to say the least.

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Ali Zafar recently, met one such crazy fan while performing during a concert. He was on-stage when a fan-girl, screaming her heart out, came out suddenly from the crowd. This girl cared about nothing but one thing that she wanted to meet Ali Zafar. The security tried to stop her, but she resisted.

Ali Zafar, along with the entire crowd, noticed her and generously shook hands with her. But she insisted to stay there and didn’t leave. Guess what Ali Zafar did then? Instead of asking the security to make her leave, Ali Zafar invited her on-stage and it was a dream come true moment for this girl. She hugged the star and kept screaming even though Ali Zafar was standing just beside the girl. It’s indeed a pure moment of joy and surely brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Check out the video of this crazy fan-girl and Ali Zafar below:

You can see how excited she was to be with her favorite star. All she was able to utter between the screaming was, “meree photo lo jaldi” and to be honest, she stole our hearts with her cuteness!

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Isn’t it amazing to see how our celebs rule the hearts of millions and millions of people out there? This is just one of the blessings of being a celebrity but it obviously comes with lots and lots of hard work. No one can get this kind of love from people all over the world overnight. Ali Zafar is what he is today after putting his heart and soul into what he was passionate about. No wonder he has such crazy fans.

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