Ali Zafar Poses For A Selfie With GOT’s Sansa Stark!


What do you do when you meet your favourite celebs? Well, you take a selfie and record the moment! Ali Zafar is no different. The latest selfie of him and GOT’s Sansa Stark is proof that the rockstar experienced  a major fanboy moment in Los Angeles.

Well, it’s a small world and you never know who you might bump into. Ali Zafar is a GOT’s fan and that is pretty evident.

Ali Zafar meets Sophie Turner – But first he takes a selfie!

Game of Thrones fan?

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Ali looks no less than his usual rock star self, while Sophie can be seen rocking platinum blonde hair.

So for everyone who thinks like Chandler here:

Small world

Fret not! You never know when you bump into your dream celebrity too!

And guess who else Ali met!

Guess who I met?

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We’ll not exactly Marilyn Monroe, but a really close match!

Look’s like Ali is having a jolly good time. Keep the updates coming!

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