Ali Zafar Represents Pakistan at SRIFF as Teefa in Trouble Screens in China!


After being lauded by the critics in Pakistan, Ali Zafar took Teefa in Trouble to China where it got the prestigious chance to get screened at the Silk Road International Film Festival.

Being the only Pakistani actor and producer who was invited at SRIFF, Ali Zafar proudly represented our whole country and talked about the hopeful future of Pakistani film industry.

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At the screening. #china. #teefaintrouble #sriff18

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“Pakistan has huge potential, and these are very important times for our industry with a long way to go to really achieve our full potential. We welcome all dialogue and initiatives to enable us to realize this full potential”, says Ali Zafar.

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Discussing about the growth of Pakistani film industry and its potential market at the 5th SRIFF, the actor and co-writer of Teefa in Trouble said,

“Considering Pakistan’s population, we have a potential market of 1000-1500 screens which could easily multiply the business to 10/15 times more than its current value or beyond. Hence investment into Pakistan is sure to be lucrative. Pakistan has enormous potential and is a beautiful country and the world must get to see it.”

Watch as Ali Zafar Talks About Pakistani Film Industry at SRIFF!

Since the day Teefa in Trouble got released, it’s has been making it to the news every other day. Not just that it has become the 4th highest grossing movie in Pakistan ever, it has also raised the bar high for other movies to come.

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That’s one proud moment!

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#TeefainChina. Did NOT know had fans there.

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And it seems like, Teefa really enjoyed his trip to China!

Considering the friendly relationship between Pakistan and China, Ali Zafar believe that creativity and diversity should be encouraged. He also suggested that at least 3 Pakistani films should be screened in China on yearly basis and Pakistani film students should be given a chance to work alongside Chinese film students.

Teefa in Trouble got released back in July and is still going on and on at the Box Office. Starring Ali Zafar, Maya Ali, Jawed Sheikh, Faisal Qureshi and Mehmood Aslam in main roles, it proved to be one of the most successful Pakistani movies to be ever made.

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#teefaintrouble week 10. In cinemas. ❤️

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Rumors have it that our Teefa is now working on its sequel. Though details are yet to be revealed, we are pretty sure it going to be even better than the original.

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