Ali Zafar Says NO To VIP Culture in Pakistan!


Ali Zafar expressed his disregard for ‘VIP culture’ in his open letter to the organizers of his recent concert.

The concert organized by IoBM received criticism for barring students who attended the concert from the front row. Moreover, the front seats of the concert were reserved for faculty members and head of staff only.

He wrote in his letter,

“Please appreciate that as a performer, I cannot help but feel this defeats the very purpose of having artists such as myself perform for audiences where both of us are denied any direct interaction.

“Having this physical divide at concerts then goes against the very spirit of equality we should be imparting.

ali zafar concert

He concluded his letter with a plea, saying,

“It is my humble request to you then not to have this VIP area in front of the stage and instead allow the real audience, the students and fans, to be front and center.”

The seating arrangement according to Zafar, defeated the true purpose of a concert. He said that the distance from the stage prevented students from fully enjoying the show. According to him, it was setting a very wrong precedent.

The organizers of the concert still haven’t commented on the letter by Ali Zafar.