Ali Zafar All Set To Lock Lips On Screen?


Our very own actor and singer, Ali Zafar is all set to lock his lips on screen. Earlier, London, Paris, New York star shared with media that he will never kiss on screen because it is something that makes him really uncomfortable but it seems like tables have turned. Ali was the first one from Pakistan to enter Bollywood and set the bar high for other actors in Pakistan. He took the audience one step at a time to accept him on the big screen.

The 32-year-old singer shared in the past: “I can’t kiss on screen! I can’t do these scenes for sure. It is more of a personal choice, I don’t think I will feel comfortable. Even before signing a film, I tell them [producers] that this is one thing that I will not be able to do”

Zafar has immensely grown as an actor over the past years and now is comfortable recording intimate scenes on camera. In a recent interview, he told media that: “I was the one who started the no-kissing clause. It was applicable in ‘Chashme Baddoor’ and my previous films since I wasn’t too comfortable with it back then. Having said that, I feel sometimes you need to take some liberty as an actor.’ 

Surprised? So are we. The actor will be romanticising alongside Indian actress, Alia Bhatt in his Bollywood’s next. Will he lock his lips with her? The singer added: ”Let’s see if I stick to this clause in the future. I won’t say I don’t mind locking lips now. It’s just that I may not be as stringent about it anymore.” 

Ali was further asked if he’s avoiding intimate scenes because of conservatives back home, to which he responded: “I take into account feelings and emotions of my people back home and I would never like to do anything that hurts or offends them in any manner. I have always been cautious of what roles I take and how I go about them.” 

Let’s see how people react to Ali’s intimate scenes. Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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