Ali Zafar Speaks For Mahira Khan Amidst Ranbir Kapoor Controversy


Unless you’ve been totally disconnected from social media since last night, there’s no chance that you’ve missed Mahira Khan’s latest images with Ranbir Kapoor. These alleged images (that are obviously taken without the stars’ permission) in NYC are spread all over social media for a lot of obvious reasons.

This media frenzy isn’t going well with the celebs who expressed their thoughts by supporting Mahira Khan. The music icon, Ali Zafar took to his Instagram to share his thoughts on a thought-provoking note.


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Ali Zafar was joined in by Momina Mustehsan, Meesha Shafi and Asim Azhar who all stood by the actor’s side.

Celebrities live and breathe in the public’s eye and that makes it difficult for them to keep their personal lives away from speculations. But does that give the society a freeway pass to judge and criticize their personal choices? We don’t think so.

But Mahira Khan has the perfect, timeless response to all the mud-slingers.

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