Ali Zafar’s Coke Studio Collaboration With Natasha Khan Is Incredible


After giving Coke Studio Season 10 phenomenal hits like Jaan e Bahaaraan and Julie , Pakistan’s favourite rockstar Ali Zafar has returned to the country’s biggest music stage for the third time this season with Yo Soch in collaboration with Natasha Khan. The 6th episode of Season 10 features Strings’ composition, lyrics by Sabir Zafar and Natasha Khan. Yo Soch has been produced, directed and musically directed by Strings.

Ali Zafar And Danyal Zafar Collaborate On New Coke Studio Single Titled “Julie”

An innovative original arrangement by Strings, Yo Soch is a song about the coming together of two worlds. Narrated by two beaus, the song draws inspiration from classic jazz and the theatrics of musicals. Embellished with a poignant sitar and a melancholic piccolo, the song stars Ali Zafar and Natasha Khan as they push the boundaries of language, sound and love. Khan’s poised and delicate voice is a perfect combination with Zafar’s emotive vocals make for a beautiful soundscape of the roller coaster of love, longing and desire.

Ali Zafar has previously performed 12 songs overall for Coke Studio, many of which have become some of the biggest hits from the platform. Across some incredibly diverse solo and collaborative tracks, he is the only artist to be performing 4 songs in this season. The artist is also concurrently working on his Pakistani film debut, Teefa in Trouble set to release late this year.

Yo Soch has once again proved to be a hit as per the positive response it has been getting from the audience. Twitter has been all praise for Ali Zafar and Natasha Khan in this Coke Studio venture.

If you haven’t already heard this incredible song, you can listen to it here: