Ali Zafar’s Long Hair Makes Him Look Just Like Jack Sparrow!


Ali Zafar performed at the Lux Style Awards last night with his Teefa in Trouble leading lady Maya Ali. Ali has been growing his hair out for the part, and last night, he let it hang out for the world to see!

Ali looked just like Johnny Depp ala Jack Sparrow style!

ali zafar jack sparrow lux style awards

The 36-year-old took the time to get his inner Jack Sparrow on. And upon an encounter with a fan, who is none other than the comedian, Sham Idrees he even got a picture clicked!

Ali Zafar & Maya Ali’s ‘Ishq’ Set The Stage on Fire at Lux Style Awards 2017!

The get up was so on point that anybody could have mistaken him for Johnny Depp himself!

Take a look for yourself!



Ali Zafar has been pretty busy with his new movie and LSA to work on.

We can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

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