Ali Zafar’s Transformation into Teefa – The Real Struggle!


Breaking all the records and getting rave reviews from the critics, Teefa in Trouble has not just gathered applause from everyone around, but it has also set the bar high for other movies to come!

Behind every successful project is a team of super talented people who work day and night to create something special and they make sure to get everything just right. Ali Zafar, the major reason behind the success of this movie, has not just stolen the show with his action-packed performance, Teefa in Trouble also marks his acting debut in Pakistani film industry.

The latest video reveals the struggle Ali Zafar had to go through in order to achieve the perfect Teefa look, physically and mentally!

Watch the video below!

Even though we have seen Ali Zafar in many Bollywood flicks and we all are fans of his natural acting skills but, Teefa in Trouble made us fall in love with this guy even more!

To perform all the stunts himself, our Rockstar had to train 4-5 hours daily during which he also suffered from a shoulder injury. Things did stop for a while, but Ali knows how to pull himself back together and he’s certainly won our hearts with the kind of stunts he has performed as Teefa!

From his co-star, Faisal Qureshi, to his trainers, everyone has praised Ali Zafar for overcoming the challenges he faced during this project and for the professionalism, he brings to his work.

Ahsan Rahim, the director, also talks about his first meeting with Ali Zafar on an audition and when he was just a boy, someone referred to him as Keanu Reeves of Pakistan!

We all know what an amazing artist Ali is, and his father shares how he used to make Rs. 500 per sketch at a five-star hotel so as to save for his first music album!

Ayesha Zafar, Executive Prod, cer and Ali’s wife, calls him a “superhuman” for dealing with all the challenges he’s faced throughout his career!

We fall in love with people for their on-screen performances, but their off-screen struggles and hard work in bringing perfection to whatever they do makes them a superstar and Ali Zafar is definitely one of those!

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