Allahu Akbar By Shafqat Amanat Ali & Ahmed Jehanzeb Marks Coke Studio 10’s Return


The National Anthem rendition by Coke Studio left many fans (including us) mournful but not for long. The finest of our music industry is back with a bang!

Coke Studio 10’s first episode featured 4 songs by ace artists but it was the heart-melting Sufi rendition titled Allahu Akbar that stole the show. The beautiful composition by Shuja Haider in the voice of this dynamic duo has left many speechless.

Allahu Akbar is a musical masterpiece which blends Middle-Eastern and South Asian musical motifs in a confluence of devotion. Ahmed Jehanzeb’s ethereal voice interwoven with Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan’s commanding murqiyaan & harkatein light up the soundscapes that Shuja Haider has carefully crafted.

The song instantly sets the mood for a musical proclamation that is captivating and ethereal.

Cascading through the complex structure of the song, Jehanzeb and Khan create a larger-than-life atmosphere with their vocal prowess finally reaches a crescendo of spirituality and virtuosity.

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