Amanat Ali Calls Out Celebrities Who Are Publicizing Their Ration Distributions

Image Source: Instagram/Amanat Ali

Several Pakistani celebrities have recently initiated donation drives to help curb the rise in poverty amidst the lockdown by distributing supplies to those who have been affected by COVID-19.

Amid the distribution, many of the celebrities took it to their social media to publicize themselves while they work for their donation drives. Although helping those that are in need is an amazing thing to do and requesting their fans and viewers to join them, some celebrities didn’t approve this act of theirs.

However, popular singer Amanat Ali recently opened up about how he felt about fellow celebrities publicizing such activities. He further supported his statement by quoting a hadith.

And here’s what singer Amanat Ali had to say:

1 baat samajh nahi ati, when celebrities donate something, or do something for the poor, tu hamesha cameras ke saamnay kyun hota hai?

Imam Ali says, kisi ko khairaat dete huay uski aankhon mein bhi mat dekho! Yahan poori dunia ko dikhaya jata hai”

Here’s what je

Many of fans supported Amanat Ali for what he said. Here’s what his fans had to say:

They all agreed to his views

What are your thoughts about publicizing it all?

However, many other celebrities are also raised  their voices against those who are distributing the supplies in front of the camera:

Faysal Qureshi

Yasir Hussain

Yasir wrote a caption saying,

“yeh haal hai aaj kal celebrates ka bhi aur baki logon ka bhi. Ya Allah hum sab ko hidayat de. Aqal de. jazba ata farma. aur logon ki madad karny ki tofeeq ata farma.

Natasha Baig

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