Amanda Seyfried’s Private Pictures Leaked Online!


Recently, personal photos of the ” Mean Girls” and “Mama Mia” star Amanda Seyfried were found circulating on Reddit and 4Chan. The site leaked nude photos of the actress along with intimate content with her ex-boyfriend.

Warning Letter!!

The actress’s lawyer filed a case against “Celeb Jihad’ sending them a warning letter to take down all of Amanda’s private pictures. It is stated in the letter that the pictures were obtained illegally by a third party and uploaded on social media without any consent.

Emma Watson’s Controversial Private Pictures Leaked!

Her lawyers want to save all the evidence and preserve it regarding the leaks for future legal proceedings.

Amanda also strictly demanded that her pictures should be removed from the website as they were violating her privacy. She claimed that all her pictures are fake and have been reproduced.

Not The Only Victim

Pictures of other actresses such as Emma Watson and Jillian Murray have also been leaked but Seyfried’s pictures are very explicit compared to the other two. Although her representatives did not respond to the news request for comments.

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