Amir Khan & Faryal Makhdoom Clarify Controversial Tape Released But There’s More…


Controversies still continue to surround the Khan family. Amir Khan is currently in San Francisco with his family, training for his upcoming fight in April.

High intense mitt work at the gym today.

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The boxer already had one too many rumours surrounding his wife and parents when a sex tape surfaced the internet sparking cheating rumours and a possible split of the couple. Amir Khan and wife Faryal Makhdoom appeared on ‘This Morning’ on 23 January, Monday, clarifying the controversial tape.

Amir confessed to that tape being real but mentioned that it happened a long time ago before he was married. He also expressed disappointment over the fact that all his good work that he has been doing regarding Khan Boxing, Khan Promotions and the Khan Foundation were ignored completely.

Faryal also added that it could be a jealous ex-girlfriend or a family member who was trying to take revenge on them by releasing the said tape.

Amir also thrashed all break-up rumours by saying this:

“I love my wife, and I love my family. The marriage is brilliant, it’s going really well.

Faryal has been very active on Snapchat as always and there were no signs of the couple being distant in anyway. However, Amir’s father responded while speaking to The Sun saying that none of the employee’s at their company would leak something like that.

“We have had to make some redundancies from the boxing side, this happens in business at times, but I am not discussing who and when. I have no idea who was responsible for leaking the video of my son but I cannot imagine it was one of our staff or former staff even if his wife is suggesting this.”

Faryal was quick to respond on Snapchat with this:

Faryal also posted a snap on Snapchat asking for all the fiasco to stop.

We’re not sure if this is a last episode of Keeping Up With The Khans but we’ll surely find out.

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