Amir Khan Parties Hard In Dubai After Split With Wife Faryal Makhdoom


If you’re even remotely connected to the virtual world, we bet you’re following Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom’s very public divorce controversy. TBH, we’re following it too. Not because we want to, but only there’s no escape.

From Snapchat to Twitter to Instagram – the couple who once glorified love are like two daggers bent on cutting each others reputation. After a very public and very ugly Twitter spat, where the couple hurled accusations and divorce at each other, the two have now moved on to get back at each other in not-so-subtle ways.

The International British-born Pakistani boxer decided to blow off some heat by partying with a UAE based influencer, Gulbahor Becknazar. The two were seen partying and romancing in Dubai just days after Amir Khan confirmed his split with Faryal and accused her of infidelity.

Ever since this video surfaced online, the public is divided in their opinion. The social media influencer/model, Gulbahor has slammed all trolls who called her home wrecker. In a video, she told fans:

“Now let me make one thing clear to you… that the split between these two people is not my fault – it’s not my fault.

“It was them, and it’s been happening if you read all those comments and all those videos that they used to post about each other.

Model Amir Khan

Regretting his actions, later on, a teary looking Khan said:

‘I just want to apologise for my behaviour yesterday. I know it’s something that you guys don’t want to see.

‘But it was it’s what my ex-wife’s drawn me to do. Faryal’s drawn me. Her mum’s drawn me. They’ve taken my daughter away from me. She’s in New York. Faryal’s threatening me for me to never see my daughter again.’

‘I don’t want to live like this. I only went out yesterday because ‘m so stressed out with all that drama that’s gone on and I wanted to let myself go.

‘I went out with a group of friends. I don’t drink alcohol. Just don’t use it against me. I did nothing wrong yesterday. I was just so frustrated with everything that’s gone on.’

We don’t know whose side to take on in this public mudslinging contest between the ex-couple. We just hope they stop dishing out their personal laundry in public.